How to wear the Venowave

Instructions on wearing and using the Venowave.

A Venowave Story

Dr. Sonia Anand, Director of Vascular Medicine at McMaster University, shared a success story about a patient who benefitted from the Venowave. The patient was a young woman in her 20s who suffered with long-term swelling of her legs. As a retail worker, this young woman stood for long periods each day, and at the end of the workday she would have significant swelling in one of her legs. Over time she developed a venous ulcer. The ulcer affected her mobility, and as someone who normally enjoyed running and hiking, her quality of life was negatively affected. She consulted many physicians but had seen little progress. Dr. Anand oversaw the patient’s progress using the Venowave. The young woman wore the Venowave every day at work. She then noticed a significant decrease in the swelling, and the ulcer healed, She even began to wear the Venowave while running. Dr. Anand stated, “We were all heartened to see her ulcer completely healed using the Venowave. She was overwhelmed with excitement, and felt it was miraculous.” Even though her ulcer is healed, the young woman users the Venowave for preventative reasons.

Venowave in the News

Venowave featured on CTV news for the second time. CTV footage shows Canadian Triathlete/Olympian Simon Whitfield wearing the device.

The Venowave featured on Rogers TV

September 20th, 2012

Rogers TV’s “Daytime York” hosts, Elaine Yim Spencer and Jeff Moore interviews Dayna Switzer of Saringer Life Science Technologies from Stouffville to demonstrate the company`s new medical device which has been proven to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis from occurring with at risk patients.