The Benepod®

The Benepod is a new pain relief device from Saringer Life Science Technologies.  Building on the technology used in our previous pain relief product (ICEOtherm), Benepod is a new, more powerful device designed to combat chronic pain.  All natural and drug free, the Benepod is designed to engage you bodies natural abilities to heal itself, without the use of traditional drugs and medications.



Have you suffered with painful cramps, numbness, coldness or sores on your legs and feet?  Do you experience pain in your legs due to Post Thrombotic Syndrome?  The Venowave is a unique cordless and tubeless sequential compression calf pump that uses a patented wave-form motion to increase circulation.  The Venowave helps pump blood from the lower extremities to help relieve conditions associated with poor circulation, post thrombotic syndrome and chronic venous insufficiency.  The Venowave is also FDA and Health Canada approved for DVT prevention post surgery. 

If you are in the United States and your doctor has prescribed you a Venowave, please call us today to fill your order (The FDA requires us to obtain a physicians prescription before shipping within the United States).


The ICEOtherm is a hand-held medical device.  It has been proven effective in temporarily reducing, or eliminating pain. Just apply the ICEOTherm's patented hot/cold treatment head to the area you are experiencing pain, and experience relief for hours!

Say goodbye to pills that cause unpleasant side effects such as dizziness, fatigue and nausea, and start living the life you want today!