The Benepod is a new pain relief device from Saringer Life Science Technologies. Building on the technology used in our previous pain relief product (ICEOtherm), Benepod is a new, more powerful device designed to combat chronic pain. All natural and drug free, the Benepod is designed to engage you bodies natural abilities to heal itself, without the use of traditional drugs and medications.

How does the Benepod work?

Benepod is a new type of contrast therapy device which utilizes both hot and cold simultaneously to fight pain.  By applying both hot and cold at the same time to a particular point on your body, the Benepod engages your bodies natural healing abilities by introducing a sensation known as the thermal grill illusion.  This sensation occurs when your bodies nerve receptors can’t distinguish between the hot and cold stimuli, triggering an intense sensation which has been proven to effectively mask or even completely eliminate pain for a period of time.  The patented technology used in the Benepod has proven effective in treating neck pain, knee pain, arthritis of the hands, headaches, and various other forms of musculoskeletal related pain.

About the product


  • ✔CHRONIC PAIN? Looking for a drug-free alternative to relieving chronic pain, muscle pain & tension? The Benepod can provide relief for: Plantar fasciitis, migraines, tendonitis, joint pain, and others.
  • ✔ EASY TO USE: Only a single power connector – no extra wires to get tangled. No pads that need to be replaced. Easy to clean, easy to use!
  • ✔ PORTABLE: Compact, light-weight, easy to carry. The Benepod will fit in your purse, handbag, or anywhere else you might want to stash it.
  • ✔ USB INTERFACE: Benepod will work with most usb accessories you already own, including power adapters, USB cords, and even portable battery packs, so you can take Benepod with you wherever you go.