Benepod® - Chronic Pain Management

The Benepod® is a new and innovative contrast therapy device developed by Saringer Life Science Technologies.

Understanding Pain and Pain Management

Pain relief is one of the most sought-after services in North America.  Now more than ever people are turning to doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths and searching on the internet looking for answers and relief.  Our fast-paced lives, too much time in front of computer screens, using mice, neck strain from staring at phones and accidents are all contributing to a growing problem.  In the past, older generations tended to be the biggest users of pain medications, however the younger generation is now becoming equally susceptible to problems, as they are the pioneers in a man-made digital age contributing to problems that were not present in the past.

Pain is very complex, and for that reason there are many solutions and remedies available for both acute and chronic pain.  We are all aware of the side effects related to pain medication:  Increased risk of heart attack, addiction and complicated interactions with other medications are just a few of the problems associated with traditional pain medication.  More and more people are turning to natural remedies such as lifestyle changes and various types of therapy because they provide non-invasive, natural solutions, with far fewer side effects.  The Benepod® is designed to help reduce your dependence on traditional forms of pain medication by engaging your bodies natural abilities to heal itself and fight pain.

How does the Benepod work?

Benepod is a new type of contrast therapy device which utilizes both hot and cold simultaneously to fight pain.  By applying both hot and cold at the same time to a particular point on your body, the Benepod engages your bodies natural healing abilities by introducing a sensation known as the thermal grill illusion.  This sensation occurs when your bodies nerve receptors can't distinguish between the hot and cold stimuli, triggering an intense sensation which has been proven to effectively mask or even completely eliminate pain for a period of time.  The patented technology used in the Benepod has proven effective in treating neck pain, knee pain, arthritis of the hands, headaches, and various other forms of musculoskeletal related pain.

Benepod uses a standard wall charger and USB-C cable.  For this reason, it is compatible with most USB accessories, such as portable batteries used to charge cell phone and other portable electronics.

Benepod is compatible with USB accessories

Want to take your Benepod on the go?  No problem.  Because the Benepod uses a standard USB-C connection, it is compatible with most of the same portable battery chargers that your phone uses, so it's likely you already have a portable battery lying around your house that can power Benepod!

If you do not already have a portable power pack, please see our FAQ for a list of recommended batteries that are compatible with Benepod.