The Benepod® - For immediate pain relief and chronic pain management.

The Benepod® is a new and innovative contrast therapy device developed by Saringer Life Science Technologies. The Benepod is ready for distribution after a significant time in development; it's expected to launch very shortly. Please enter your email address below to receive updates on this game changing new product!

Understanding Pain Management

Pain relief is one of the most sought after services available to individuals.  From injury related pain to chronic pain from old injuries, fibromyalgia and age related issues; people have turned to doctors, chiropractors and naturopaths to find answers to why their pain is so severe and so consistent.  For younger people the causes may be more related to sports injury; to work related injuries such as falling or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and car accident events that leave lingering pain.  For the more elderly pain can emanate from arthritis, especially affecting the fingers, knees, hips and back (spine).  Plantar Fasciitis, improperly healed injuries, even cancer can also be sources of pain.

Pain is very complex and we know that there are many options available for the relief of acute and/or chronic pain. We believe natural options such as lifestyle changes and various types of therapy are best because they provide non-invasive and usually drug free solutions to pain that, at times, can be incapacitating. Longer term solutions are the best ones and pain management through natural solutions will serve you well.  A Benepod session for example will help you avoid over use of aspirin, ibuprofen, Acetaminophen and many prescription drugs should you have them on hand. .  

How Benepod Works For Pain Relief.

Benepod relieves chronic pain engaging the body’s natural healing abilities using both hot and cold stimuli. While there have been many different methods of pain relief using heat, laser, tens electrical therapy and others, the hot and cold combination of sensations (contrast therapy), the Benepod delivers is a sure-fire way to create an intense sensation that temporarily blocks the pain signals going to the brain.  Pain is actually triggered by receptors in the brain and is the body's way of protecting itself from further harm. After the initial pain wave, there is no real need to continue feeling pain, especially chronic pain that lingers for no reason.    Do not use in fresh injuries (first 72 hours of injury).  Avoid using on an open wound, immediately after surgery, or if the area in question is either bruised or swollen.  Check your skin every 20 minutes when using the device on the same area. If you feel burning, move the device around.