5 Celebrities you didn’t know had DVT.

5 Celebrities you didn’t know had DVT.

Every year, two million people are diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis and up to 200,000 those result in death. Blood clots and DVT are an unrecognized danger that can have critical impact on anyone, regardless of age and health condition.

We think you will be surprised to learn of these 5 celebrities that were diagnosed with DVT.

Serena Williams – Professional Tennis Player

Professional tennis player and champion, Serena Williams was 29 years old when she underwent emergency treatment for pulmonary embolism that resulted from DVT. Williams previously had surgery on her foot and was ordered by doctors to remain immobile, which most likely led to the development of DTV. The attention rooted from this emergency led to growing question about how this could happen to such a fit person. But she wasn’t the only fit celebrity to be faced with the health risks of DVT.

Brian Vickers – Champion NASCAR Driver

Brian Vickers is a champion NASCAR driver, who admittedly ignored all of the signs and symptoms of DVT until it was almost too late. He received treatment and was unable to race for six months creating a hurdle in his career. In 2013, he was reunited with his passion of racing and won his third Sprint Cup Series in New Hampshire. In October 2013, he sprained his foot and was required to wear a boot. When the symptoms reappeared from being immobilized, he refused to ignore the signs and went for treatment right away. Vickers continued on to race in the Daytona 500 and made it a primary goal in his life to spread awareness about DVT.

Adam McQuaid

Adam McQuaid was another athlete affected by DVT. During the NHL lockout in 2012, the Boston Bruins defensemen had a blood clot under his collarbone and underwent surgery. After a long recovery process, McQuaid continued to play in 62 NHL games and continues to strive pursue his goal of winning the Stanley Cup.

Regis Philbin

Another famous figure that who suffered from DVT was 82 year old, Regis Philbin. The television icon previously had hip surgery and triple bypass surgery. Months later, he noticed pain in his leg when he walked. He had a blood clot in his calf; he too underwent surgery and had a successful recovery.

David Bloom – NBC Journalist and News Anchor

Sadly, the outcome of a healthy recovery isn’t always the end result for everyone. NBC journalist and news anchor, David Bloom was unaware of the symptoms and risks of DVT that led to his sudden death. In 2003, he was working in Baghdad and sleeping in the Army tank [for safety]. His legs had been cramping up and nothing was thought of it due to sleeping in such a confined space. He passed away from pulmonary embolism after a blood clot from his leg moved to his lungs- caused by DVT. His wife, Melanie Bloom has made it her mission to raise awareness to the disorder that killed her husband.

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