Pain – Causes and Natural Pain Relief Methods

Pain - Causes and Natural Pain Relief Methods

Causes of Pain

The causes of pain are due to three particular reasons.  First, Direct trauma injuries can lead to lasting, somewhat chronic pain, but more subtly,  if you overuse a body part and the bones and muscles in that area are strained in any way, you have found a way to cause pain in certain muscles and joints.  For example, heavy weight lifting and continuous, improper jerky movements may cause a sprain in the joints, or muscle tears that will result in prolonged pain.  It is necessary to adopt proper movements while heavy lifting or participating in heavy manual work, and learning to avoid sudden jerks or improper lifting such as not bending the knees or lifting more than you can comfortably handle. Pain in the key joints start when synovial fluid from inflammation of the synovial membrane, or from cartilage strain and swelling, and tendon issues that protect and prevent rubbing of joint bones get over exerted or damaged due to some infection and prolonged nutritional deficiency.      

Those who may be suffering from other specific medical conditions and various types of arthritis / osteoarthritis are likely at an increased risk of synovitis of a joint such as the knee or elbow although elbows are a common location for this affliction. 

Next, going deeper, infections such as influenza and hepatitis B can cause severe joint pain due to swelling or cartilage inflammation. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis in early stages are guilty of very elevated joint pain, and if left untreated will inevitably get worse.  Weakened immune systems causing autoimmune diseases are also among the potent causes of chronic pain.  Ironically some of the drugs prescribed for the autoimmune reactions can lead to additional reactions causing debilitating pain that, in some cases, may be more serious.  There are certain degenerative diseases like the Charcot joint pain in the foot and sometimes the knee due to constant trauma, rheumatoid arthritis, and hemarthrosis (bleeding into the joints) that cause ongoing pain usually in need of treatment in the long run and pain therapy in the near term.    

Other possible causes of joint pain can include gout-related arthritis that is a form of uric crystal formed in the joints. Middle-aged women are more vulnerable and susceptible to joint pain as they lack calcium, estrogen levels, and other vital nutrients that help balance a healthy body free from bone degeneration.

ThirdlyDiabetes is a major cause for joint and muscle related pain, added to it the medication and weight reduction exercises cause strain and pressure on the bones and joints of the patient, often causing pain in the knee, shoulder, knee and hip joints.

Natural pain relief methods

  1. Take some warm vinegar or a little warm oil and massage around the area that is in ache.
  2. Having a warm bath is also an excellent idea, this will help to reduce the constant pain.
  3. Tea with the papaya seeds is an amazing remedy for joint pain. Drink the beverage for about 7-8 days continuously and experience the relief from the pain.
  4. Turmeric powder taken along with warm water in a dose of teaspoon a day is another effective remedy for arthritis. Instead you can also mix turmeric along with warm milk to treat your arthritis.
  5. Banana is another unbelievable food which will really shrink your pain.
  6. Carrot juice is also a prescription for your disease.
  7. Drink huge amount of pure water to make the movement of your joints free.
  8. Try compressing the affected portion alternatively with a cloth dipped in hot and cold water.
  9. Practicing exercise is also a good idea to reduce the pain. If you find difficult to do weight bearing activities, you can also practice them in water. 
  10. Our favorite, most effective pain relief, and most recommended way, is naturally, with the Benepod®. 

All these natural home remedies are easy and effortless. Try these at home and have a respite from pain.

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